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NuCell nuclear reactor to be manufactured by TSP

John Coughlan announces that TSP Engineering part of the GMET group of companies’ announces that GMET Nuclear reactor ‘NuCell’ will be manufactured within TSPs manufacturing facility in Workington, Cumbria following completion of the GDA process.

This brings building of nuclear reactors home to Cumbria and bring design and manufacture of

nuclear technologies back to Great Britain, making Great Britain the centre of making nuclear

technologies in line with the recent governments aim to bring innovation back, making Great Britain once again a centre for innovative developments.

This announcement and manufacture of the NuCell reactor will enable Great Britain to enable its

own energy supply and become a global leader with the first NuCell reactor units targeted to be

manufactured by 2027, allowing TSP and Cumbria to be ahead of the rest of the world.

This announcement will secure and grow employment within Cumbria across all trades, engineering disciplines and support professions. This will be a further support to the nuclear supply chain locally and nationally offering a secure growth path for support businesses and services for decades to come.

This announcement is made and issued by John Coughlan, CEO of TSP Engineering.

For enquiries, please contact John on

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