We are extremely proud to announce that we have recently been awarded a contract to deliver Electrical Control and Instrumentation Equipment for one of the largest and most exciting scientific projects in Europe. The order will be delivered to the European Spallation Source (ESS) project in Sweden.

The CEO of TSP Engineering, John Coughlan, said: “This shows the breath of capability of TSP Engineering. Most people know us for our mechanical engineering capability but were not aware of our hidden talents in electrical design and electrical control and instrumentation equipment capability. Winning a contract to supply such a prestigious project shows our expansive capabilities. We intend to further expand our EC&I division in the future with the help of our capable and talented people”

The ESS is a multi-disciplinary research facility currently under construction on the outskirts of Lund in southern Sweden. The facility will house the world’s most powerful pulsed neutron source and is one of the largest science and technology infrastructure projects being built today. Its unique capabilities will complement and exceed those of today’s leading neutron sources, allowing new opportunities for researches across the spectrum of scientific discovery, including energy, environmental technology and fundamental physics.

The facilities design and construction include the most powerful linear proton accelerator ever built, a five-tonne, helium-cooled tungsten target wheel, 22 state-of-the-art neutron instruments, a suite of laboratories, and a supercomputing data management and software development centre. In the context of its history and future as a scientific organisation, however, it is more than the sum of its parts. It is a brand-new Big Science organisation, built from the ground up.

TSP Engineering’s role in the high-profile project will be to deliver low voltage (<1000V) electrical panel, control and instrumentation cubicles, lighting system controls, bespoke junction boxes, cable harnesses, and maintenance cell and process cell facilities of the ESS Target Building. The success of winning this contract is a significant step for TSP Engineering in view of our ambitions to grow in the Nuclear Industry.

Not only is this excellent news for TSP Engineering, it is also hugely beneficial for Cumbria and the supply chain. Engagement with new suppliers is taking place to ensure the project is carried out to the highest of standards, resulting in our supply chain expanding.




Photograph credit; DTU