Life as we know it is no more – from wearing masks and queuing to buy toilet roll, to businesses both big and small across the UK closing their doors and working remotely. The world is in a state of confusion as the COVID-19 pandemic exerts its influence across all aspects of industry, not just in the UK but globally, making businesses change the way they think and operate in order to survive.

Although COVID-19 has caused nothing but devastation to most industries and sectors, the Manufacturing industry is one which has been hit the hardest. Manufacturing is a fast-paced, challenging, hands-on industry at the best of times, but Coronavirus has brought a new meaning to this. Machine operators mostly need to be at the machine location, supply chains depend on each other for the flow of materials and commercial departments not being side-by-side means things naturally slow down and become more difficult.

Many manufacturing companies have had to close down operations, stopping production, resulting in the majority of their workforce being unable to work, or more recently being made redundant. Manufacturing is one of the largest sectors of the Cumbrian economy leading to a lot of the county being dependent on the industry for employment. It’s of course not just Cumbria who are suffering, unemployment in the UK has rocketed by the biggest amount since records began, as the number reaches 2.1 million, and unfortunately, this number is predicted to rise.

TSP Engineering believe collaboration is key – and right now, in the current climate, this is more important than ever. We’ve had our challenges dealing with COVID-19, but we are one of the lucky ones due to a combination of having a fantastic leadership team, a hardworking skilled and understanding workforce and so far this year receiving just under £50M worth of orders, securing our future as a business.

With a combination of business growth and a large amount of orders we need some additional people. You may be left out of employment because of the pandemic, or maybe you’ve had time to reflect making you realise you want a new opportunity – no matter what the reason, we are urging  people to reach out and have a chat with us. We are currently looking for fabricators, mechanical fitters, industrial engineers with machining knowledge and expertise, and a maintenance team leader as our business grows even further.

If there isn’t something for you, don’t worry, keep checking in as new opportunities are always being added to our website. If you do wish to apply for any of the positions listed or are keen to find out more, drop our friendly HR team an email with any questions, your CV and covering letter – or visit our website