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Tracing our history back to 1945, TSP Engineering was primarily established to meet demand in the iron and steel industry, equipped to make mining machinery, mine cars and ingot molds. Today, TSP Engineering has become so much more.


Located on Britain’s Energy Coast in Workington, TSP Engineering delivers high quality, innovative bespoke solutions, delivering heavy engineering to precision, offer technical solutions to complex problems, with a full range of services from design, consultancy and project management, to manufacture and refurbishment along with electrical engineering, instrumentation and testing. the locality of our facilities, and engineering experience make TSP Engineering a key supplier to industries such as Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Defence, Fabrications and Machining, Steelmaking, Renewable Energy and Construction.

​In an ever changing, fast-paced, safety driven industry, we understand each product is different, having many requirements and specifications. It has always been our aim to provide a tailored service to individual business needs, ensuring a high-quality outcome. With open minds, safe hands and a sprinkle of innovation, our skilled employees and comprehensively equipped workshops work hand in hand to bring your vision to life.

TSP Engineering operate from one of the largest workshops in the UK, holding a floor capacity of 20,000m², two five-metre deep manufacturing pits and a lifting capacity of 130 tonnes. These facilities give us the capabilities to handle some of the biggest engineering and steel fabrication projects in the UK and beyond. With many years’ experience in engineering and manufacturing we guarantee to deliver exacting standards of quality and excellent levels of service, operating to:

  • BS EN ISO 9001

  • BS EN ISO 3834 Part 2

  • BS EN ISO 1090 at execution level 4

  • ISO 14001

  • SABRe Edition 2

  • GS3001

  • CQR (SLM 4.06.02 Issue 3)

  • ISO 19443 (First in the world to achieve this standard)

  • ISO 45001

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GMET Engineering provides technical solutions to complex problems, delivering precision heavy engineering globally. We offer a full range of services from design, consultancy, and project management, to manufacture and refurbishment along with mechanical and electrical engineering, instrumentation, commission and testing.

Our facilities, locality and engineering experience make GMET Engineering the partner of choice to your engineering needs.

GMET Engineering, together with the wider GMET Group have the capabilities to handle some of the biggest engineering and steel projects globally. We have specialisms in Nuclear, Defence, Maritime, Oil and Gas, Construction and Commercial Engineering.

We ensure that we guarantee on the quality and exacting specifications to meet our customers' needs and ensure continued excellence of service throughout.

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