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  • 08.00 – 15.45hrs (Mon-Thurs)
  • 08.00 – 14.45hrs (Fri)

Closed for Lunch 12.30 – 13.00 hrs each day.

Deliveries can be accepted between 7.00 – 21:00.

Please call in advance to arrange this if possible



For items weighing 20kg or more (or where weight/size/shape prevents manual handling) the following information must accompany each delivery;

  • Gross weight
  • Suitable orientation
  • Lifting points identified
  • Any other factors that may create an unstable lift


For each delivery, all items covered by COSHH must be delivered with the current relevant SDS for each item.


  • Goods to be suitably wrapped and protected from damage in transit.
  • Stainless steel items must not be wrapped with carbon steel strapping (Important to Nuclear Safety)
  • Items with a limited shelf life must be identified with the date of manufacture and the expiry date.
  • All specifications quoted are at the current revision (unless otherwise indicated).
  • Items that do not comply with the text of the Purchase Order must not be delivered without prior written approval of a TSP representative. A copy of this approval must  accompany the delivery.
  • For inspection service orders a verbal report must be given to your TSP Contact before leaving site followed by a written report within 24 hours.


Items to be labelled on the item outer surface and on the delivery note as:

  • Copper – Orange label.
  • Stainless Steel – Silver / Grey label.
  • Carbon Steel/Aluminium/Brass/Other – Royal blue label.


Where work is done on materials delivered to TSP by your extended supply chain, you must have prior approval from TSP, and all sub suppliers must be made aware of the Importance to Nuclear Safety (ITNS) for all items supplied. Approval must be sought from TSP for any changes to sub supply base, change of manufacturing faciility, including location.


You, and all Sub Suppliers, must agree to inform TSP supply chain of any items they find that are found to be Counterfeit, Fraudulent or Suspect Items (CFSI) for the purpose of shared learning with TSP’s client base.

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TSP Engineering delivers high quality, innovative bespoke solutions. As a total solution provider we offer a full range of services including project management, design, manufacture, refurbishment and in-house testing facilities.

Located on Britain’s Energy Coast we employ over 210 people and operate from one of the largest and most comprehensively equipped workshops in the UK. With our years of engineering and manufacturing experience we guarantee to deliver exacting standards of quality and excellent levels of service.

We offer fabrication, machining, fitting, assembly and testing facilities, with a floor capacity of 19,200m2, two five-meter deep manufacturing pits and a lifting capacity of 130 tonnes.

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