TSP Engineering Ltd are proud to announce that they now have three Responsible Welding Coordinators (RWCs).

ISO 14731 states that welding coordination is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and the manufacturer shall appoint at least one Responsible Welding Coordinator. Here at TSP Engineering we strive to be the best we can be and thought why just have one Responsible Welding Coordinator when we can have more?

TSP Engineering recognise the importance of control and critical welding processes, the business also recognises the importance of investing in the development of their people. With a combination of both understanding of the Industry and its demands, and understanding the importance of encouraging and supporting employees and colleagues in further development, TSP Engineering decided it would be beneficial to gain more Responsible Welding Coordinators.

We are proud to announce that following the last re-accreditation to ISO 3834-2, by TWI that Mike Ames, Glen Weightman and Aaron Pollard are now all listed as Comprehensive RWCs. Competence was assessed on a combination of knowledge, skills and experience and demonstrated through evidence of qualifications, certificates and in interview. This has allowed their fabrication capability to be enhanced and allowed them to gain a wider knowledge and understanding of the role in which they carry out.

Welding coordination responsibilities form the backbone of fusion welding quality assurance and control for TSP Engineering Ltd.’s ISO 3834-2, and EN 1090 (Exc 4 – Construction Product Regulations – CPR) system qualifications.