TSP SL Certificate 1TSP Engineering has been awarded the reputable supplier Certificate of Approval for its commitment to quality and technical standards by Sellafield Ltd, at the Major Projects Quality Forum at Whitehaven Golf Club on 30 June.

Sellafield Ltd carried out an intensive deep dive assessment that involved assessing the quality management system and working practices against Sellafield Ltd’s stringent contract quality requirements and technical specifications at the TSP Engineering facility.

This certification process was developed as part of Sellafield Ltd’s oversight and assurance activities to reduce the risks of encountering shortfalls in performance in its supply chain.

Following its extensive review, Sellafield Ltd was able to recognise TSP Engineering’s commitment and improvements to demonstrate the ability to meet the contract quality requirements and technical standards to deliver its products to the required standards.

TSP Engineering is in the process of completing a multimillion pound contract for Sellafield Ltd., which will take four years to complete and will cover the modification and refurbishment of a fleet of packages and gamma gates. These are essentially specialist high-integrity containers and doors, used to provide shielding during the safe transfer of waste from the legacy storage plants at the site to modern, purpose build stores.

This will enable decommissioning of the Magnox Swarf Storage Silo (MSSS), one of the four oldest nuclear waste stores on the Sellafield site, and will see nuclear material transferred from the silo to newer facilities for safe, secure storage.

John Coughlan, Director of Operations for TSP Engineering said “Sellafield Ltd is one of the world’s largest nuclear facilities, and we’re proud to be selected out of all of their many suppliers to receive this prestigious Certificate of Approval. This achievement confirms our outstanding level of quality along with having the technical expertise to deliver the high-integrity products to Sellafield Ltd’s requirements.

Martin George, Head of Supply Chain Quality for Sellafield Ltd said “TSP Engineering has demonstrated the highest level of commitment by any supplier as part of the certification process. I’m very impressed with this level of commitment and enthusiasm from the TSP Engineering management and shop floor workers, well done to all.

Mr Coughlan added, we value all of our clients and look forward to assisting Sellafield Ltd in its mission to safely deliver decommissioning of the UK’s nuclear legacy.”