Last month, TSP Engineering, a Cumbrian based company in Workington, proudly announced their recent success in becoming the first company, not only in the UK, but in the world to be certified to the new ISO 19443: 2018 standard following an intensive audit by Lloyds Register. The standard is an addition to ISO 9001 and focuses on improving both safety in the Nuclear sector and the Supply Chain of the Nuclear Energy Sector, supplying products and services important to Nuclear safety (ITNS). TSP Engineering see this standard as being critical to their ongoing development, providing customers with the assurance of a standardised level of quality whilst delivering quality products and components.

The CEO of TSP Engineering, John Coughlan, said: “The Nuclear Industry is an important and growing market for us, and this will allow us to show once again our ability to produce high quality products and services for our customers. Within our industry I believe that the ISO 19443:2018 is a very important standard to be certified to, and I am incredibly proud to say that in a competitive market in a world full of high-profile competitive businesses, TSP Engineering managed to be the first team and company globally to achieve the certification. This shows the companies dedication and commitment to be the market leader in Manufacturing within the Nuclear Industry”.

The successful certification to ISO 19443 is a significant step for TSP Engineering in view of their ambitions to grow in the Nuclear Sector. TSP Engineering share many of the same ambitions and objectives as the Nuclear Industry, with one of the most important being the continuous drive to improve safety. Taking the steps to increase the quality of the products and services provided will help contribute to the shared goal of improving safety within the industry.

The passion and drive of the team were fundamental in TSP Engineering being successfully awarded the ISO 19443 certification. Being the first company in the world to achieve this certification demonstrates the level of understanding which TSP Engineering have when it comes to prioritising safety.

Dr Lynn Williams, Managing Director of Nuclear cc, supported TSP Engineering in their efforts to strive for the certification to ISO 19443:2018 standard, and will continue to work with TSP Engineering to bring the requirements of the standard to its Supply Chain in readiness for the building of AMR’s. ISO 19443: 2018, quality management systems – specific requirements for the application of ISO 9001: 2015 by organisations in the Supply Chain of the Nuclear Energy Sector supplying products and services important to Nuclear safety, is aligned with the many regulatory and industrial requirements, both nationally and internationally.

Ultimately, this will improve business and performance leading to an increase in work for TSP Engineering. In 2016, TSP Engineering became a standalone independent business and developed a collaborative culture with other local, national and international businesses. Collaborating with Cumbrian businesses and SME’s benefits smaller businesses and local people, joining the community together and providing jobs within the local economy. This is now part of the TSP Engineering culture and we always buy locally if feasible, whether it be through SME’s or larger businesses. By doing this, an increase in SME and local supply chain procurement has been noticed.

On Monday 15th July, TSP Engineering hosted an array of businesses and organisations including Sellafield, Thomas Graham and Gen2, with the aims of joining the community together celebrating the global first. It was important to TSP Engineering that the standard was presented by someone who has the shared goal, vision and passion for the local economy and region, leading to Hilary Harrington, Mayor of Allerdale, being the guest of choice. Cllr Hilary Harrington, who has recently been appointed as the Mayor of Allerdale stated “I was honoured to present TSP Engineering with this award in recognition of their excellence in supplying services to the Nuclear Sector and other worldwide needs for precision and quality engineering within the Nuclear Industry”.

After presenting the certificate the Mayor spent her morning discussing the bright future the company with TSP Engineering employees and other business owners. After a tour of the comprehensively equipped site and facilities, and having the chance to witness first hand the engineering skill and experience which the company possess the Mayor stated “The site is large and therefore able to meet today’s demand for larger design fabrication and electrical solutions” and went on to comment on how “it was a pleasure to meet a cross section of employees who are committed to TSP a workplace of outstanding achievement, and West Cumbria should be proud to have TSP Engineering”.