TSP Engineering are extremely excited to be working alongside Professor Janne Wallenius, of Stockholm, on an innovative project which could change the face of the nuclear energy and manufacturing industries in Cumbria and across the UK.

Playing an active part in the local community is part of the TSP Engineering culture, from supporting small businesses and the local supply chain to focusing on employing local people. Exploring the next generation of nuclear new build will be fundamental in allowing TSP Engineering to continue to strive, succeed and create opportunities for the Cumbrian County, potentially creating up to 1,000 jobs within the local economy.

The focus of the innovative project is to make nuclear energy cheaper, cleaner, easier and quicker to build, and will see TSP Engineering be a part of designing the cutting-edge technology and manufacturing process. The export potential is huge, and TSP Engineering believe it is crucial for Cumbria and the UK to get behind this technology in order to open new markets and opportunities.

John Coughlan, CEO of TSP Engineering, said: “This is a game-changer, a chance to be a disruptor in the marketplace. The concept is cheaper and delivering quicker than the new builds previously proposed costing around £150 million per module rather than £10 billion”.

Prof Janne Wallenius has over 20 years of nuclear engineering experience and has joined the specialist manufacturer for six months in order to design new, miniature nuclear reactors, which would be built at TSP Engineering’s comprehensively equipped facility. By the end of the six-month secondment, full designs are planned to have been drawn up so a prototype can be built.

Janne Wallenius stated: “TSP has the engineering expertise here, the capabilities to carry out this project. We are working from the theoretical stage to the production stage. This is a unique opportunity.”

It’s amazing to think such an opportunity can be achieved in a small town in Cumbria. The support of politicians at all levels across the county, our skilled workforce and trusted suppliers, and the embedded passion for both the region and industry will all be instrumental in the success of this project.