Our Apprentices


One of the greatest things about TSP Engineering is the variation of staff, some of whom began their journey as an apprentice and continued their career development here. We work with local training providers in order to recruit our apprentices, alongside advertising on Social Media. The recruitment process consists of assessment centres, interviews, group interactions and brain teasers – giving us an insight into attitude/behaviours. If we find a candidate who is perfect for TSP but they don’t hold the required GCSE grades, we look to work with them supporting them in gaining the relevant qualifications, as our ethos is to attract people with a great attitude who want to make a difference in the engineering world.

Once brought on site the apprentices are placed with the most knowledgeable and experienced members of the team allowing them to gain valuable skills and techniques. Providing our apprentices with the resource and knowledge to succeed is a priority for us, as this allows the next generation the tools to have a long successful future in engineering for both themselves and the legacy of TSP – working with clients such as BAE Systems, Sellafield Ltd and Rolls-Royce.

The apprenticeship programme provides apprentices the opportunity to work in a range of departments both office based such as; Project Management and Commercial, to the shop floor in areas such as; Welding and Pipefitting. Apprentices can circulate across departments if they wish allowing them a taste of the different options and daily work environments, allowing their final department choice to be an informed decision. Upon completion our apprentices will then be encouraged to take professional qualifications, supported and funded by the business.

TSP are open minded and willing to give anyone the opportunity to become part of our family as long as people have the skills, potential and correct attitude. The number of apprenticeships available depend on the current and future needs of the business however, we continue to recruit apprentices on a yearly basis without fail, and at present the number of apprentices totals 11% of our workforce.

A few of our Apprentices at the start of their journey
A selection of our apprentices with Jamie Macarthur and Glen Weightman